Cop Beats Girlfriend for Dropping Restraining Order against other Cop she Dated


A love triangle between two Miami-Dade cops and a woman they both dated resulted in one of the cops behind bars for beating her when she would not pursue a restraining order against the other cop for stalking her.

The 31-year-old woman who has not been identified initially dated Miami-Dade Police Sergeant Carlos Ramos before she dated Miami-Dade police officer Lewis Diaz.

Last week, Diaz, 29, attacked her during a Zoom court hearing when she would not pursue a restraining order against Ramos who would cruise by her house in a patrol car, staring at her since October when she apparently broke up with him.

Now Diaz is on house arrest on charges of battery, tampering with a witness and false imprisonment for beating her during the Zoom hearing. Both he and Ramos, who has not been charged, have been suspended with pay from the department.

According to the Miami Herald:

The woman, in a petition for a restraining order filed last month, alleged Ramos had been stalking her, “slowly passing by the front of her home in his patrol car while staring at her,” at least seven times since October.

Ramos, she alleged, was “extremely jealous” of Diaz and called her and urged her to “press charges” against him for unspecified reasons. She said she called 911 and filed a police report but that “nothing was done about it due to [Ramos] being an officer,” the petition said.

A temporary restraining order was granted, and a Zoom court hearing was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

But according to a police report, Diaz “became enraged” when she said she wanted to dismiss the case. He grabbed her, “forcefully pulling her up from her seat and ordered her to proceed with the case,” the police report said.

From a bedroom, she logged onto the hearing a little while later. According to court records, the petition was voluntarily dismissed. Diaz allegedly entered the room, grabbed the phone, ended the video conference and forced her to leave in his car.

“I’m not asking you, I am ordering you,” he said, according to his arrest report

Previous studies have indicated the rate of domestic violence in police families is two to four times greater than in families without cops.



  1. yep, a real american hero here…..
    and when your girlfriend, wife, badge bunny looks like a raccoon, you may have a DV problem.

    the problem here is cops are at 40% for domestic violence with little to nothing done. and the rest of us peasants are at 10% yet we get hash punishments, red flag laws, prison time and it’s claimed to be a big problem that needs more laws.

  2. FLORIDA AGAIN!?!?!? Why is it that Florida cops, especially Miami-Dade, are such assholes? They are in the news so much more often than any other criminal police department. Even Chicago and New York City, which are horrible. Worst police force in the entire country. Will anything change? Probably not. It is exactly as they want it.

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