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Cassandra Fairbanks


Eye for an Eye? Ohio Judge Gives Woman Choice of Being Pepper Sprayed

An Ohio judge decided to get creative with his sentencing of a woman who had pepper sprayed a male relative at their place of...

Virginia Man Exercises His Rights and Shuts Down Persistent Police

And one Richmond man did just that in a video that has gone massively viral on Facebook. And he got to finish his breakfast, too. On...

Watch as VA Man Exercises His Rights and Shuts Down Persistent Police

When dealing with police, there is only one tried and true method to retain your rights: the silent treatment.  And one Richmond man did...

NBC Caught Altering Interview With Witness to Fit Police Narrative

NBC Los Angeles selectively edited a video interview of a witness to a police shooting to better fit the police narrative about the killing...

FL Cop Kills Two Police Dogs After Leaving Them in Blazing Hot Vehicle

Hialeah police officer Nelson Enriquez, a 13-year veteran of the police force in Miami-Dade County, has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of an investigation...

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