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Stevie Bee


‘Happy Feet’ FBI Agent Taken into Custody Following Gun Discharge while Dancing

An FBI agent whose gun went off after doing a backflip on the dance floor was taken into custody today, more than a week...

Federal Judge Orders Florida to Abolish Jim Crow Law Barring Felons from Voting

The state of Florida has until April 26 to curb its practice of felony disenfranchisement after U.S. District Judge Mark Walker lambasted the “fatally...

Texas Deputies Taser Woman in Wheelchair for Recording

Harris County sheriff’s sheriff deputies tasered a woman in a wheelchair, and again while she was on the ground handcuffed. All because she was video...

Houston Cop Sued for Unprovoked Beating of Handcuffed Inmate

A Houston cop beat an inmate as he was booking him into Houston City Jail. Surveillance cameras captured the beating but the officer received only...

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