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W e have the power to take this police accountability movement to another level by building a national database of bad cops, something the government would never do because it is too busy protecting these same cops.

But it’s going to take your donations to make it happen because this type of work tends to get censored by social media companies in order to appease the government into not regulating them, a practice that has cost us more than a $100,000 in ad revenue since 2017.

And it's going to take your time because we are going to need volunteers from every city, county and state to gather the records from their local prosecutor's office which is how we will build the database.

It's a longterm project that will take all of us coming together to do our part, including attorneys to defend us when needed and to file lawsuits when the records are not produced.

PINAC News will do its part by providing the platform and podcast and expertise; more than two decades of professional journalism experience covering the American criminal justice system to ensure the project remains ethical, lawful and transparent as we gather the information and disseminate it widely and accurately.

We have rebuilt the site and restructured our business model in order to accomplish our truth-finding mission.

We have added forums to the site that will allow us to grow our online community without Big Tech restrictions and we will be launching a podcast where we will interview a wide range of people relevant to the issue, including attorneys, activists, journalists and victims. 

And we will now operate as a nonprofit sustained by donations and grants instead of a for-profit sustained by ad revenue which will allow PINAC to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to writing stories, allowing us to invest more time on investigative stories while writing the usual breaking news.

The PINAC Brady Cop Project

The PINAC Brady Cop Project is an investigative journalism project that will require volunteers from around the country to gather public records on dirty cops, then upload them to the forums with basic details.

The records will go into the national database we will build but they will be available to the public on the forums as soon as they are uploaded. We will also be writing stories based on the records.

The project has been in the planning stages for years but it is only now we've had the opportunity to put it into action. Is a longterm plan because it will need to be updated regularly as more cops are added to the list. We have made the necessary investments to make this happen because we are in for the long haul. 

The project is based on the 1963 Supreme Court case, Brady vs. Maryland, that states prosecutors must disclose the names of dirty cops to defendants whose fate lies in the testimony of these cops in order to ensure due process – something they rarely do.

These cops are known as “Brady cops" and the ACLU describes them as having “histories of falsifying reports, fabricating or tampering with evidence, lying on the witness stand, coercing witnesses, brutalizing people, accruing misconduct lawsuits or complaints, blatant racism, and more."

The ACLU also states that prosecutors are required to maintain a list of these cops to disclose to defense attorneys. The lists are public record so by law they must be made available to the general public.

However, many prosecutors either refuse to provide the lists or deny they even exist.

Meanwhile, innocent people are being sentenced to prison based on the testimony of these cops so it is crucial we obtain their names and make them available to the general public because the government has proven time after time it has no interest in policing the police.

Our plan is to teach readers how to obtain these public records from local prosecutors as well as any public record because local media no longer has the resources to investigate local government. We will provide the skills that will enable citizens to keep government transparent.

PINAC played a strong role in establishing that we have the right to record in public a few years back when the government turned its War on Terror into a War on Photography so now it is time to expand our Constitutional horizons by obtaining these records and making them public, shattering the "few bad apples" myth once and for all.

The forums will also allow readers who have experience obtaining public records to help other readers who lack the experience. The idea is to create an online PINAC community not dependent on social media companies because they will ensure our mission fails. 

PINAC Press Pass

As a fundraiser, we are offering a personalized PINAC press pass with your name and photo for a donation of at least $100. The press pass will describe you as a "national correspondent" because that is exactly what you will be if you use the press pass while obtaining public records for the Brady Cop Project.

For the remainder of the year, the press pass will include the phrase "Founding Member PINAC Brady Cop Project" just below the name to recognize the original members of this project because you will be setting the standard for future correspondents in what we anticipate will be a growing movement.  

The press pass will continue to be offered next year but without the founding member phrase. It is the size of a credit card and comes with a lanyard and transparent pouch so it can be carried in your wallet or worn around your neck.

The press pass does not give you any more legal rights or access than if you did not have one but it does show you mean business when you walk into your local government agency to ask for the records.

But even without a press pass, they will know you mean business once you start asking for records.

We ask that anybody representing PINAC with or without a press pass remain professional and ethical because the government will create any excuse to arrest us in order to discredit us. It's been like that from day one so please don't fall for their tactics. Let them play the fool and get it all on video.

Please do not attempt to use the press pass to enter private events because it doesn't work that way, contrary to popular opinion. 

The press pass simply identifies you as a member of the media when you are covering news in public.

But in this day and age, everybody and anybody with a smartphone can become a member of the media at any given moment because the only press pass you really need is the U.S. Constitution. 

That being said, government officials tend to take you more seriously when you are asking for public records while wearing a press pass because it makes you look more official in their eyes.

If you are interested, please leave a comment with your donation and we will get in touch with you. You will need to send us a high resolution head shot of yourself which you can take with a smartphone. Just make sure you have good lighting on your face and a clear background. 

Use the donor box below to make a quick one-time or recurring donation or click on the link below to make a tax-deductible donation through the Center for Social Change in Miami, a 501 (c) (3) which is serving as our fiscal sponsor.