Karlos Dillard is Real “Karen” in Viral Video of Woman Suffering Panic Attack


Desperate for attention and acting like a cop, Karlos Dillard pulled up behind a woman in a Geo Metro after she pulled into a driveway of an apartment building and confronted her while recording with his phone Tuesday.

“Karen, you’re not going to sit there and flip me off,” he said as he walked up to her car and as she was stepping out of her car.

“You flipped me off!”

The woman became distraught, understandably so considering all the recent “Karen” videos that have led to people losing their jobs after they are video recorded in public committing undeniable acts of racism.

“I have a black husband!” the woman shrieked, going into a panic attack, probably understanding that Karen is a moniker for racist white women who intervene in the affairs of minorities doing nothing illegal, many times by calling police, if not outright acting like the cops themselves.

“I don’t care,” Dillard responded. “Why did you flip me off?”

“You are totally calling me things that I’m not,” she said.

He continued to berate her about flipping him off, not much different than cops we’ve seen following people home after they get flipped off. It’s Constitutionally protected speech but Dillard is on an obvious power trip. His actions could easily get him shot. And he has no qualified immunity.

The woman who has not been identified is having a meltdown, keeping her hands in front of her face, trying to keep him from recording her face. At one point, he moves to record her license plate which causes her to panic even more and kneel down behind her car to prevent him from recording her plate, although he had already done so.

He claims the woman called him the N-word during a prior dispute when he was not recording but that appears to be a lie. He did the same to another woman running a restaurant as well, accusing her of calling him the N-word with no evidence even though he is recording in both instances.

In both videos, he makes it a point to berate the women but not about the N-word. He saves that to tell witnesses the reason for his actions. Instead, he berates the women over things most people would just blow off.

We’ve seen these videos before and the N-word is always the word that triggers the escalation. It always becomes the main issue of the altercation, the main point of contention, no matter what the initial altercation was about. Once that word is said, nothing else really matters.

Truth is, the real Karen is Dillard himself; a homosexual comedian and wannabe cop living in Seattle with a sadistic style of road rage who not only accuses the woman of calling him the N-word without a shred of evidence, but also began hawking t-shirts with slogans like “I have a black husband” with the word “have” crossed out and replaced by “had.”

This after he assured the woman he would not upload the video to Instagram where he has almost 30,000 followers. In other words, she is the victim here, not him as he claims to be.

Usually in these Karen videos, the white woman in the video is recorded using the N-word or does not deny using it when confronted about using the word, sometimes even repeating it. That is the whole point of the video because without it, there is no proof.

And if the woman denies it, the question is repeatedly asked until they admit it or it becomes obvious she probably said it.

And at no point during the 14:45-minute video does Dillard confront the woman about using the N-word. Instead, he continues to berate her for cutting him off, then flipping him off, which are everyday acts of kindness in some cities.

The first time Dillard brings up the N-word in the video is when a crowd starts gathering wondering why he was tormenting the woman.

“She did apologize for calling me a n*gger and flipping me off,” he shouts as he stands in the middle of the street even though has not apologized on video and if she had apologized earlier, then what was the purpose of confronting her?

According to Dillard, the two tried to merge into the same lane when she cut him off. He then accuses her in an Instagram post of brake-checking him while flipping him off and “screaming obscenities out here window.”

He then claims in the same post “I then went around her car and she proceeded to follow me. That is when the incident turned form road rage to a racial incident.”

He further claims that he feared for his safety because he was under the impression that she was jotting down his license plate number to give to the Proud Boys who would then come after him.

“That is when I decided to stop my car and confront her and ask her why she was following me,” he explains. “We both got out of our cars and that is when the racial slurs occurred. I turned around to my vehicle to get my phone and tried to go on Instagram to catch her berating me.

“That is when she sped off full speed with her door open backwards.”

One of the men gathering says, “I saw her do it,” but it is not clear exactly what he saw her do. Then a woman says she saw the woman chasing the man before he started chasing her but says nothing about the N-word. And later when he explains to another woman what took place, he mentions nothing about the N-word.

“She flipped me off, she brake-checked me, and this is what we get,” he says.

“Fucking Karens, man,” the woman says.

Another man walks up to him and apologizes for intervening.

“It’s ok, you just didn’t know what was going on,” Dillard says when the woman was well out of earshot from him.

“She brake-checked me, she flipped me off and she called me a n*gger and I followed her home. And then when I get my phone out, she starts doing the Karen. And white men like you come to her defense.”

Notice the N-word is always used to justify his actions to witnesses but never once does he confront the woman about her calling him a n*gger. It’s almost as if he is aware he is an ultra-sensitive sociopath, blowing his top over minor issues, so he has to throw in the N-word to make it all seen justifiable.

He ends up placing his phone in his pocket still recording and begins having a conversation with the woman. They speak for several minutes but not once does he bring up the N-word. He is just obsessed about her cutting him off, then flipping him off, the latter which she denies.

“I don’t know the streets very well so please forgive me,” she pleads.

He’s done this before but his last victim was an Asian woman running a hamburger joint where he tried to destroy her business after falsely accusing her of calling him the N-word. He posted the video on his Twitter feed where his username is @wypipo_h8.

The video, posted above, shows him walking into restaurant while working for Postmates, accusing the woman behind the counter of being racist because she asked to see his identification before handing him the food he was supposed to deliver.

“You can take your order, I’m not going to deliver the food for you,” he tells her, placing the food on the counter.

“Okay,” she says.

“Because that was racist, what you just did,” he says. “It was racist and it was uncalled for. I don’t have to show you my phone. All I have to do is tell you the number and let you know that I have that order.”

The woman takes the food and waves him away, wanting nothing more to do with him but he continues berating for attempting to ensure she was giving the food to the right person.

“I called you and told you what you did hurt my feelings and you said whatever,” he tells her.

He then turns to a male employee and says, “I’m not going to deliver it and you guys are going to be in the news because I called her and told her it was racist and she said whatever. I don’t have to show you my phone to deliver a Postmates order.”

Outside, he continues his tirade, telling people that she called him the N-word which is the first time he brings up that word in the video even though he had plenty of time to bring it up when he was inside the restaurant.

Instead, he escalated the drama by posting about it on Facebook, accusing the woman of calling him the N-word. There were calls for boycotts. A protest. Cops were apparently called. The owner’s son tried to reach out to him but he refused to meet with him, then mocked him. All of it posted on Facebook in a post no longer public. Below are a few screenshots.

Also, another woman filed a restraining order against him last year which forbids him from mentioning her name on social media, including a podcast he runs with his husband called Kicking it with Kris and Karlos. He is also forbidden from being within 1,000 feet of her. That is also posted below.

In an Instagram post that no longer appears to be public, he claimed the woman is a former neighbor who had a problem with his pit bull and that he also filed a restraining order against her but so far, nothing has surfaced confirming this.

“We both got a restraining order for each other in 2019/18,” he said, according to the Daily Mail.

“I don’t have to prove this to you, I have receipts’.”

When Dillard initially posted his video, the internet mostly took his side and anybody who dared question his version was deemed a racist so it will probably happen here as well. He is very predictable.

But this site has always been about standing up for the victims no matter what race or ethnicity, not the bullies, no matter what race or ethnicity they happen to be. And it’s obvious Dillard is the bully in this case.

His most recent video is posted above. The video where he accuses the Asian woman of calling him the N-word can be viewed here.

UPDATE: A YouTube link was posted on Reddit showing Dillard and his husband discussing how they “lay traps for racism” by lying to targets, including false claims they were called the N-word.


  1. Degenerate turds like Dillard can’t get away with that kind of performance art when they run into morally confident people. I’d also like to see him instigate road rage encounters with people who don’t have breasts. He’d be more likely to get the beatdown that’s coming to him if he weren’t always picking on girls. Meanwhile, for a culture that glorifies victimhood, this is the chickens coming home to roost.

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