North Carolina State Trooper Arrested, Allegedly Stole Gym Equipment from YMCA


A state highway patrol trooper assigned to Gaston County, NC faces a criminal charge related to the theft of $5,000 worth of gym equipment from a YMCA, says an arrest warrant.

According to WBTV News, Jerome Letcavage, 44, is the state trooper that was arrested on September 5 on a felony larceny charge. An arrest warrant says that on September 2 Letcavage took $5,000 in kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, and more from a YMCA in Gastonia, NC.

Upon Letcavage’s arrest, he signed a written promise to appear in court and left the Gaston County Jail in minutes. Letcavage is still employed by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety but he has been placed on administrative duty.


  1. time to change the “administrative leave” policy!
    any time the blue lies mafia criminal is placed on leave it needs to be “UNPAID” leave until it is determined to be founded or unfounded.
    if charged with a crime, violated someones rights, disciplined for misconduct or fired then NO PAY! if it it is unfounded (no charges, no discipline, not fired then they get the back pay.

    • reply tofuck off copsucker!
      if you cant handle a simple “policy” change then you must be one of the blue lies mafia criminals that need to be put in prison!

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