PINAC Merchandise Shop is Back with New Designs; Press Passes will soon be Sold


Some of you old-timers might remember how we used to sell Photography is Not a Crime merchandise about five years ago. The shirts were very popular but we stopped selling them because we did not have a cost-effective system to mail the shirts while ensuring top quality.

Thanks to technology, things have changed and we have set up a system that allows us to keep most products under $20 while allowing us to keep adding new designs.

The merchandise site is called Be the Media Apparel and it’s very basic right now. We still need to work on the logo and product descriptions and add more products which we will be doing over the next few weeks.

Also, we have partnered with a printing company in Miami which will make personalized Photography is Not a Crime press passes for our readers. They look great. Hopefully, we can introduce them next week.

Everything now is a work of progress but please follow our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep up with new products and designs. Also, we will give away free t-shirts to readers who send us high quality photos of journalism in action that we can use on the site and our social media pages. There are three photos on the site that will give you an example of what we are looking for.

Below are some of our new designs. We also have women streetwear. Money from sales will go towards hiring more writers.

Tell us which design you like the best out of all of them.


  1. I would like a thin blue line T-shirt with the words “got racism” on it Above and below the blue line

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