Pregnant Woman Detained, Frisked after trying to Pay with Coupon at Target


A video surfaced on Facebook Saturday showing a group of Colorado cops frisking a woman outside a Target store on the basis that she made them “nervous.”

Her alleged crime: she attempted to use a coupon that apparently was not valid.

The video shows that even after the Aurora police officers frisked her in humiliating fashion while witnesses recorded and finding nothing illegal, they remained nervous by surrounding her to ensure she did not pull out a hidden coupon or whatever.

“How do I make you nervous when all you guys are with a gun and I have nothing,” said the woman who identified herself as Jazmin in the video. “I’m four-and-a-half months pregnant and you’re going to tell me you’re scared of me? And you got five people here with guns.

“All I have is a baby in my stomach. All I did was asked to use a coupon. I asked to pay with a coupon. Is this how far this is taken?”

“We just came here,” responded one female cop, standing in her tactical position that would enable her to pounce on the woman if needed.

“We have no idea what had happened.”

In other words, everybody is a criminal until proven innocent in their eyes

The video ends with the woman being asked to sign a document before being allowed to leave.

Watch the shortened edited video above or the full video here.


  1. who ever called the piggys in that store is going to have to look for a new job! she should sue the store the cops the city! should be good for up to $50k!

    if the piggy’s are that “nervous” then thy need to find a different job!

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