Security Guard Attacks Men for Recording from Sidewalk, Smashing their Cameras


In one of the most insane videos ever posted to YouTube, a security guard from a city-owned natural gas company assaulted two citizens with cameras who were recording from a public sidewalk, smashing their cameras on the ground and throwing one of the men to the ground.

Then another woman named “Lisa” who was parked in front of Philadelphia Gas Works jumped out of her car and also joined in the attacks.

The security guard was under the impression he was protecting “private property” owned by Philadelphia Gas Works but not only is the company owned by the city of Philadelphia, the men recording were on a public sidewalk across the street from the plant. And the woman was under the impression she had an expectation of privacy in public.

“Why the fuck are you recording me?” Lisa repeatedly asks, not realizing she was answering her own question by attacking him. She is pictured below in the screenshot.

When Philadelphia police arrived, they made no arrests because they said they did not witness the incident.

But the men had recorded the altercation from several angles which they showed to the cop so there really is no excuse except cops will always protect their own, even if it’s just a security guard.

In fact, Philadelphia police officer Acevedo seemed to justify the security guard’s actions by saying he was only trying to protect the plant from terrorism. Typical selective enforcement that we have come to expect from cops.

Acevedo also refused to share the names of the assailants with the victims, telling them they have to make an official request for the report which they can then use to file a complaint.

The incident took place on February 22 and no arrests have been made nor have the names of the two assailants have been released. It begins with the group of auditors recording from the sidewalk, including a vehicle with the words “Philadelphia Gas Works Security” on the side.

Minutes later, the security guard steps out of the building and walks across the street, extending his hand as if he were going to shake hands. But when the videographer lifted his hand to accept the handshake, the security guard slapped the camera from his hands.

“I did not give you permission to record me,” the guard repeatedly tells the men.

Philadelphia Gas Works tried to distance itself from the incident by announcing on its Facebook page that the security guard was a “private security contractor” who was no longer employed by PGW even though he was wearing a PGW patches on both sleeves as well as a PGW hard hat.

And just because he no longer works on PGW properties does not mean he is still not employed by the security company which was not named.

Pennsylvania has a “stand your ground” law that allows citizens to defend themselves from violent attacks in public.

Watch the shortened video above or the full video below. Also below is a screenshot of PGW’s statement on Facebook.



  1. PGW is responsible for the guards actions. also being a government owned utility it is not aloud to remove social media posts as well.
    the security company is also liable for the POS guards actions.

    as for this lazy POS pig, we all would like to see him fired, charged, shot or held accountable for failure to do his job! we know that won’t happen. it is oblivious this lazy POS pig doesn’t like auditors. after watching the video he should have made an arrest, and then failing to give the victims the names of the criminals is probably a policy violation. i am betting when the report is requested, the names of the criminals will be redacted making difficult to get the criminals held responsible for there crimes!

    • You can go to the Federal level and charge the tin breasted piglet with aiding and abetting in the commission of a felony. Also for conspiring with a private entity on behalf of the local government to attempt a cover_up

  2. I am starting to like this tactic by the police, “I didn’t see it so I can’t arrest anyone”.
    So I can trespass, have it on video, but go to the sidewalk before the police get there, and they should NOT arrest me because “they didn’t see it”?

  3. PGW needs to be sued penniless, they are responsible for their guard’s sneaky ambush behavior. As to any racial comments … if the shoe fits wear it. News flash you can film in public.

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