WATCH: California Cops Slap Phone out of Man’s Hand for Recording: ‘He Hit Me!’


A recently surfaced video shows Long Beach police officers shining a bright flashlight into a man’s camera and eyes as he attempts to record them outside his home.

Then one of the officer slaps the phone out of the man’s hands.

The video was posted to the YouTube channel California Dreamin on August 1 and begins with the officers shining their flashlights in his face, ordering him to go back inside his house.

“What’s up?” the man responds. “I can’t see you. What’s your badge number, bro?”

That’s when a loud thud can be heard and the camera can be seen falling to the ground.

“What the f–k?” the man says as the screen goes black, but audio still captures the scene.

“What the f–k? I can’t even see. And he hit me.”

An argument ensues between the female officer and the man recording when the male officer on the scene orders him inside again.

“Get your phone and go back inside your house.”

“Man, you hit my phone when I can’t even see.”

“It’s right here on the ground.”

“I’m blind, dude. I’m legally blind,” the man tells the officer.

“I can’t see.”

“You could see just fine when you came out and stuck the camera in our face,” the male officer tells the man.

Eventually, the man picks his phone up.

When he asks for the officers’ name, two male cops give the same name but different badge numbers.

“I told you. It was officer Sears 10562.”

“And you?” he asks another officers at the scene.

“Officer Sears 11372.”

“Sorry, sir, to bother you. I apologize.”

“If you take another step closer to me you’re going to go to jail,” one of officers named Sears says.

Eventually, the man goes back inside.

But not before being slapped by a police officer for doing something perfectly legal.

Currently, the video has 51 views on YouTube.


  1. This right here is why i put money on cop killers jail books. Do it give them money it feels good.

  2. Cali cops are supposed to know better! looks like the the first amendment auditors are going to have to go back and reteach the puck cops that filming is legal! also fire the 2 punk cops! the needs to file a lawsuit as well…

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