WATCH: Chicago Cop Assaults Man Recording who asked why are Cops Shooting People


A Chicago police officer with obvious anger management issues was caught on camera assaulting a man recording him last week.

The cop then tried to justify his actions by saying they had just found a gun.

But the man recording him had nothing to do with that.

The incident took place on August 7 when college student Tommie Hendrick was standing on a corner with friends and several Chicago cops pulled up with guns drawn, saying they were looking for a man with a gun.

But within seconds, the cops left and drove down the block to apparently confront the right people. Hendrick, who is studying graphic design and cinematography at Southern Illinois University, followed the cops. He pulled out his camera and recording.

“What the fuck is he so angry for,” a man standing next to Hendrick asks about a plainclothes cop wearing a vest and gun whose name tag says “Bryant.”

After hearing the question, the cop, who had been walking more than ten feet away, places his hand on his gun and storms up to them.

“Why are you shooting people,” Hendrick asks which angered the cop even more.

‘Fuck you!” the cop says after telling them they had just found a gun.

“I don’t have a gun,” the man next to Hendrick says.

According to CBS 2:

Hendrick said he got scratches on his arm and a bruise on his neck.

“I definitely think he needs some disciplinary actions and he might need to go to anger management,” he said of the officer, “because there’s no way you should be the police reacting like that to a civilian.”

Hendrick said he is in his junior year at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, studying graphic design and cinematography. While home on summer break, he shot a music video for Chicago artist FBG DUCK.

He remains angry about the situation involving the officer.

“I just felt like it was ridiculous, like, you’re a trained officer,” Hendrick said. “There’s no way you should be reacting like this, to someone making a comment – especially a bystander who didn’t do anything.”

Chicago police told CBS 2 they take the incident very seriously. The Civilian Office of Police Accountability is also investigating.


  1. Okay now what will the excuse be this time he was scared for his life by approaching the guy for no apparent reason at all or because he knows from his experience that courtrooms are just simply going to look the other way and find him to be doing nothing wrong,it’s getting more and more out of hand because these cops knows that they will not be disciplined.😡😎

    • No group should ever be allowed to police their own. NONE. Especially cops. It creates a system just begging to be abused.

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