WATCH: Georgia Cop Attacks and Arrests Man while Recording in Public


It’s been more than a month since a Georgia man was attacked and handcuffed by a cop for asking a simple question while recording and so far no action has been taken to discipline the cop even though it’s been almost two weeks since the investigation has been completed.

But the victim, Marcus Coleman, who happens to be a police accountability activist, is on a mission to get him fired and charged.

South Fulton police officer Solomon Muhammad, meanwhile, remains on paid administrative leave since the January 29 incident, awaiting the results of the investigation.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation told local media this week that is wrapped up its investigation last month and forwarded its findings to the Fulton County District Attorney who is supposed to make a decision as to whether Muhammad committed a crime.

The video shows the cop attacked Coleman simply because he was annoyed that the activist was questioning why he was not directing traffic following a traffic collision. Coleman also threatened to contact the police chief over the cop not directing traffic which is when the cop chased after him and arrested him.

The cop also held his taser against Coleman’s chest, threatening to taser him. Coleman was handcuffed and forced to sit in the back of a cop car for more than 40 minutes until a supervisor released him with no charges.

According to Fox 5:

Marcus Coleman is calling on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis to file criminal charges against South Fulton police officer Solomon Muhammad saying he should feel the extent of the law he was supposed to protect, serve and uphold.

“He needs to be fired. His POST certification needs to be snatched, revoked. He needs to be charged. He needs to be convicted and sentenced properly, and then he needs to be made an example of for the citizens in our new city of South Fulton, what we will not tolerate,” the community activist told FOX 5.

“Cpl. Solomon Muhammad put a Taser to this brother’s chest in complete violation of operating procedures. Placed it above his heart just for asking a question, just for making a statement that he was going to speak to his superior officer,” said Coleman’s attorney, J. Edward Shipp.

According to 11 Alive:

“The disparities over policing. People are tired, man,” he said, Tuesday. “People are tired of getting harassed because of the color of their skin. People are tired of getting harassed because of the police culture, whether it’s a white officer, Black officer, pink officer, fuchsia. We want them to uphold their oath to protect and serve.”

The Fulton County District Attorney’s office have not responded to inquiries from local media about when it plans to announce its decision even though it received the GBI’s report almost two weeks ago on February 22.

Coleman and his lawyer spoke at a press conference on Wednesday, addressing the incident which you can view here. The above video is from the January 29 incident.



  1. My assumption is Fulton County had an extra 20, 30 thousand dollars they needed to give away, and this officer was kind enough to oblige them.

  2. and this episode of lets drag our feet for as long as we can while the blue lies mafia criminal is on PAID vacation! we have assault, misuse of taser, unlawful detention, unlawful extended detention, failure to perform job duty’s, police misconduct, excessive force. so will the DA do the right thing? probably not! will this blue lies mafia criminal get fired? that will depend on the media coverage/ public outrage!
    otherwise the city will settle out of court for chump change while denying any wrong doing!

  3. administrative leave:
    when an officer is placed on leave, it should be UNPAID LEAVE. reason doesn’t matter. to qualify for getting paid for that time, they must be cleared of ANY WRONG DOING! one violation, no matter how big or small! NO PAY!

    this would help to speedup investigations and save tax payers a lot of money for services not rendered! this would put an end to “hay i need some time off. lets violate someones rights just enough to get that vacation and not get fired!” it will also help to cleanup the pig farms of bad behavior! no more getting free money for bad behavior!
    this is a “WIN WIN” all around, unless your a badge’d criminal……

  4. Another BAD COP who needs to go back to working at the Corner Shop…. = HOW DARE you say you will contact my boss, I will beat the crap out of you!!

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