WATCH: NYPD Cops Brutally Beat Man in Subway as Shocked Witness Records


A New York City police officer was caught on video repeatedly punching a man on the ground as three other cops held him down, demanding to see his hands even though his hands were visible.

The video surfaced today on Instagram. At this time, we do not have background information on what took place before the video but we will update this story when we do.

The video surfaced one day after the NYPD announced it would deploy 600 cops in the subway system after a rash of stabbings on homeless people, leaving two dead and four wounded, according to ABC News.

Earlier today, the NYPD posted the following photo and message on Instagram, bragging about arresting a man wanted for murder in the subway system. There is no indication at this time that this video is connected to the stabbings or the man wanted for murder.

Come back for updates.

UPDATE: The New York City Police Department told local media they initially confronted the man, Alex Lowery, for smoking a cigarette inside the subway station when he spat on and head-butted a cop, resulting in them beating him.

UPDATE II: The NYPD released a video showing them leading the man up the stairs, only for the man and a cop to come tumbling down the stairs which is what led to the beating. Police say the man attacked them up the stairs but that video does not capture that. Watch the video below.



  1. nothing like misdirection and deceit. i have serious doubts about these 2 story’s being connected. this is a common PR spin to cover the truth……. look see what this hand is doing, while the other is smacking you in the back of the head!

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