WATCH: Seattle Cop Hit in Face With Firework Mortar During George Floyd Protests


Body-worn camera footage from the Seattle Police Department shows officers under attack by firework explosives. The altercation occurred on August 16 during riots and protests.
The protests in Seattle have been ongoing since May. The demonstrations were sparked after the officer involved killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Protesters are seen throwing several firework mortars at officers, KOMO News reports. An officer was hit in the face by one of the mortars.

Seattle cop Adam Fowler was hit in the head by a mortar, he said the following after the encounter:

These aren’t tiny fireworks, they’re not firecrackers — these are commercial grade mortars. These are things that should be launched up hundreds of feet in the air in a safe place to be detonated so they can put on a firework display. These aren’t meant for weapons.

Seattle has continuously seen protests and riots organized by a range of groups.


  1. So, cops can shoot, gas, beat without any reprisals, yet fighting back with ‘less than lethal’ ordinance is a crime. Hmmm. Turnabout is Fair Play. Fuck the Cops.

    • Yes shooting people in the face with fireworks is a crime. Do you not want it to be? Can I come shoot you in the face with fireworks?

    • reply toYou stupid ass. Obviously you can not read properly or are just a hateful cop-loving POS. You expect people to just accept criminal cops as necessary and good.

    • reply toBut getting shot with ‘non-lethal’ ordinance, gassed, beaten, pushed to the ground by cops is OK? So, you say, do not fight back. Do not protect your legal right to protest. Follow every illegal order cops toss around. Maybe in Russia, not here.

  2. Please don’t like to play fair and they hate it when people fight back. Keep fighting they’re going to learn

  3. above comments seem to sanction climbing down into the gutter. Police violate rights so we should too?? stupidity abounds….

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