WATCH: Texas Cop Allows K9 to Attack Man after he Ran Red Light


A Texas cop allowed his K9 to maul a man after he had run a red light on Valentine’s Day.

“Your dog is eating me!” cried Benjamin Benfer after a Baytown police officer sicced his German shepherd on him in the parking lot of an apartment complex as a man records from the top of a stairwell.

“Put your hands behind your back!” orders the cop after pouncing on him but the dog had its jaws locked on the man’s right arm, making it difficult for him to move his arm.

The Baytown cop struggles for almost a minute as Benfer squirmed his body from the pain of the dog biting him.

Police say Benfer ran a red light before pulling into the parking lot of the apartment complex. He then refused to stay inside his car, according to police.

But the video recorded by a witness and posted to Facebook begins after the dog is already biting Benfer as he is walking.

“Get on the ground,” the cop tells him and Benfer sits on the grass with the dog still biting him.

“I’m on the ground,” Benfer replies.

The cop then places his body weight on Benfer while trying to handcuff him as the dog continues to maul his arm, causing him to scream out in pain.

According to Houston Public Media:

Police said Benjamin Benfer ran a red light on Feb. 14 and resisted arrest after an officer pulled him over at a nearby apartment complex.

That’s when Benfer and his girlfriend got out of the car and walked away, according to Baytown police.

Benfer then allegedly resisted arrest when he “broke the officer’s grip by turning away, which twisted the officer’s wrist and caused him pain,” according to the police report.

That’s when Benfer’s girlfriend, Valerie Wilson, pulled at the officer’s vest and belt from behind, Baytown police said. The officer, identified by Benfer’s attorney as Barry Calvert, arrested the girlfriend and called his K9 to stop Benfer, according to police.

Video posted on social media by a neighbor shows Benfer screaming in pain as the dog tears at his arm and saying, “your dog is eating me!”

Benfer was charged with interfering with public duties and resisting arrest. Police said the couple had open containers in the car.

Benfer’s attorey who plans to file a lawsuit said he was transported to jail instead of the hospital where he ended up receiving more than 10 stitches to treat his wounds after his release.



  1. with excessive force and failing to provide proper medical service, this is not going to look good in court when the DA try’s to get a conviction for the victim.
    by claiming you hurt your wrist when the victim turned from you grip (normal human reaction) and then siccing a vicious assault dog on the victim to cover the misuse of excessive force and failing to take the victim to the hospital is not in the job description. IT IS CRIMINAL!

  2. This happens enough to times that defending yourself from these dog maulings is becoming a legit defense in Court.
    Cops are going to stack as many charges as they can, one more of defending yourself from serious bodily harm won’t hurt.
    Some in the legal field claim their K-9 is a “police officer”. Cool, put his furry ass on the stand, under oath for questioning. You have the Right to face your accuser, do it, ask to see the dog’personnel file, training records, etc, etc. Beat them with their own rules and laws. Go to your local courthouse law library, it’s not just for the lawyers or clerks, your taxes helped pay for it, use it. Every State has a book on Rules of Evidence, learn it.
    If your encounter with a K-9 is really going south, you really fear for your life or severe bodily harm………kill the dog. You don’t need a weapon, if your hands free, grab the upper and lower jaws and pull apart in a quick move. A dog’s jaw strength is when it’s clamping down, very little when being forced open…….same with gators, once they close their mouths, you can hold it closed with your hands, if you can dodge the tail or the thrashing around.
    Back to the dog, punch with all your might on the end of it’s nose. If all else fails, jab your index finger as hard as you can into one of the dog’s eyes. If you hit the just right, you might reach in far enough to reach it’s brain……fight over. Just ripping out an eyeball should suffice in ending the dog attack, and it’s career.

    • Don’t make sense….since all their strength is in biting down, yet you say “pull apart in a quick move.”….that is the hard part, to get them to OPEN their jaws to let go of you! Holding their mouth shut might be possible, if they stay still while you use both hands to do that. Otherwise, the nose and eyes r the best bet. But killing the dog, will bring up more charges of course…still you have to protect yourself. We should NOT have dogs allowed on anyone except in rare situations. Reg light runners are NOT one of those cases. This dog should have NEVER been out of his cage, and not even out on patrol in the Totalitarian States of America!

    • Takes a sadistic person to let a dog maul a human. Plus those sadistic cops are raising more sadistic humans at home


































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