WATCH: Texas Cop Indicted for Killing Woman while trying to Shoot her Dog


A Texas cop who shot and killed a woman while trying to kill her dog was indicted on criminal negligent homicide charges, prosecutors announced Wednesday.

Ravi Singh, who was an Arlington police officer when he shot and killed Margarita “Maggie” Brooks on August 1, 2019, resigned in November.

Brooks, 30, was homeless and was apparently taking a nap in an alleyway when Singh approached her to conduct a welfare check on a person who had reportedly passed out.

But her dog came charging towards Singh, making him fear for his life, prompting him to fire three times at the dog with one of them striking Brooks in the chest. The dog was only grazed and never did attack him.

Brooks’ dog was described as a lab/beagle mix” weighing no more than 40 pounds. Those who knew Brooks said the dog was harmless.

According to NBC-DFW:

A Tarrant County Grand Jury returned an indictment charge of criminally negligent homicide against Singh.

The Brooks’ family civil attorney Lee Merritt is glad to see the indictment.

“We’re grateful the Tarrant County Grand Jury saw it that way,” attorney Lee Merritt said. “We’re hoping that the subsequent trial will confirm it.”     

(Troy) Brooks said he was hoping for a manslaughter charge. But he’s glad the process is moving forward.

“I still have three little kids I have to explain why this was allowed to happen and no one would be punished for that,” Brooks said. “So hopefully this will give them an answer. My biggest hope is that we can finally start holding officers accountable.”

Brooks’ father, Troy Brooks, is an Arlington Fire Captain Troy Brooks.


  1. Brooks’ father, Troy Brooks, is an Arlington Fire Captain Troy Brooks.

    at least we know WHY there was the RARE arrest of a blue lies mafia criminal!
    only because of daddy’s status with the privileged class, there will be some sort of”accountability”! it should have not taken more then a year for an investigation or charges to be filed!

  2. The pig should face a firing squad for murder but because he has blue privilege he will probably get off without so much as a slap on the wrist after everything settles down.

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