WATCH: Texas Cop Pulls Gun on Man who Stopped Car to Avoid Striking other Cop


A Texas motorcycle cop escorting a funeral procession pulled a gun on a motorist who had stopped in front of him to avoid striking another motorcycle cop in front of him Monday afternoon.

“Do that shit again, I’ll f_cking kill you,” said the Harris County sheriff’s deputy while pointing his gun at the driver as the passenger recorded the interaction.

George Dickerson said he had pulled onto the freeway while a funeral procession was talking place in the inside lane. He said he pulled into middle lane in between two motorcycle cops who were escorting the funeral procession.

But the cop in front of him came to a stop so he stopped his own car which was when the motorcycle cop behind him became enraged and pulled his gun.

According to ABC 13:

“I was terrified,” Dickerson said. “I had a gun to my face. He’s threatening to kill me because I stopped my truck. I didn’t want to hit this guy. I stopped my truck and he is threatening to kill me because he thought I did it intentionally, I guess.”

Dickerson said he was driving his work truck at the time and was not armed. Both he and his colleague said they thought about the encounter into the night and Tuesday morning.

“He’s trained to handle himself, as well as people on the street,” Dickerson said. “You would think his training would help him to not have that road rage. That’s not something you do every day – is threatening to kill somebody. If I threatened to kill somebody, I would go to jail. If I held a gun to whomever and said ‘I’m going to kill you,’ that’s a terroristic threat.”

“I know they are not all like that,” he said. “There are just a few and everyone else is amazing.”

Dickerson is understandably shocked over the incident but is naive to believe this is a result of one bad apple and that “everyone else is amazing” because cops like that tend to remain protected by the system.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said it has suspended the deputy with pay but has refused to release his name which should be public record. It is also asking the public to contact its internal affairs department with information but internal affairs departments are notorious for protecting the worst cops.



  1. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said it has suspended the deputy with pay but has refused to release his name which should be public record.

    in other words…. the blue lies mafia wants to keep this as quit as possible so they can sweep this under the rug.
    and by conducting an investigation they mean to see how they can spin this and victimblame there target and see what kind of media attention they get before being forced to take action.
    the very least that should have happened so far is this blue lies mafia criminal getting fired! for a pig farm to tolerate this kind of behavior and NOT immediately fire this criminal tells WE THE PEOPLE a lot about what they think about “ACCOUNTABILITY”. to do anything less means they condone violence to innocent citizens.

  2. WOW! I’m so shocked 😳 Who would ever believe our heroes would ever do that to another human being. The guy should of just hit the other cop! That way it wouldn’t have pissed off the one cop 🙄 I hope Mr bootlicker retains council and sues these pigs but I doubt he will. He’ll probably just ask that the officer apologizes and doesn’t it again. Pinky promise!

  3. A video that “appears to show”….but when they want to use a video as EVIDENCE against Citizens of the Totalitarians States of America= videos are IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE! This cop should be Suspended without Pay and FIRED as soon as investigation PROVES it is not a FAKE VIDEO (LOL)!

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