WATCH: Women Strapped to Gurney Suffering Mental Crisis Punched by Cop 3 Times


Responding to reports of a woman in mental distress, Round Lake Beach officers placed a young woman in a gurney only to punch her in the face three times.

The chief calls the video “disturbing” but claims the officer was acting within departmental policy.

Video captured by Angela Heath captures the moments after a woman is strapped into a gurney. As a half a dozen people look on, an officer punches the woman in the face three times.

“They just punched her in the face! What the fuck??” yells Angela towards the officers. “Yo I got that all on video bro!”

The officer then points to his leg claiming that she bit him.

According to dispatch recordings from Saturday evening, a call was made relating to a suicidal woman on the lake front area of Round Lake Beach, a small town just north of Chicago.

According to police, officers and fire personnel came into contact with “a person experiencing a mental health crisis.”

The video depicts a far too common trend of police dispatched to calls for service that require mental health professionals rather than government agents whose solution to everything is brute force.

While police claim the officer’s actions fall within departmental policy it is a departure from local police regulation Sec. 4-1-8 that states the following:

“In the performance of his (officers) duty, he must maintain decorum and attention, command of temper, patience and discretion.”

“We want him to be disciplined,” said Pastor Julie Contreras in an interview with the Chicago Daily Herald. “It would show to this community that this type of behavior is unacceptable.”

“Did you tape the part where she bit me in the leg? See the bite mark?” the officer says in another video but then refuses to show any wound when Heath, who is recording, requests to see it. The officer also refused to identify himself however Heath did capture the number 277 which was visible on the back of his departmentally issued hat.

In a statement released by Round Lake Beach police, an independent investigation will be conducted on the incident, however local activists don’t think that is enough.

“It was unnecessary force. … He just needed to pull away from her. She was not latched on to him, she did not rip his pants, she did not rip his skin,” said Contrerars who has since filed a complaint with the Department of Justice requesting an emergency investigation into the Round Lake Beach Police Department.


  1. Looks like she was latched on to his leg. Getting a blood clot from leg trauma and dying is the worst case scenario. He had a very real risk. “Pull away” would be the illogical solution, adding to the trauma done to the leg. The fact that a person is in the middle of a mental crisis, or restrained does not prevent a person from exercising self defense. The follow up blows, being in quick succession, might be ignored due to the time it takes to initiate a response and then process what has happened.

    • You POS cop lover. Cops never should have been called for a medical emergency. They have no training except hitting and shooting. Not self-defense no matter how you attempt to frame it. NEVER CALL A COP. You will regret it.

    • reply to“You POS cop lover”

      • I don’t love or hate anyone. The badge does not change the fact that this “cop” is a human. That is the point of the posts here: police are just people who happen to have badges and should be held to the same moral/legal/ethical standards as everyone else.

      What does him being a police officer have to do with the right to self defense? Why should police not be called for medical emergencies? In this particular case, given the violent nature of the person, it seems warranted. He was, from everything we know, there to assist in the medical emergency. Mental patients can turn violent very quickly, and since I assume you do not advocate EMS carrying tasers and firearms, the available option is a police officer.

      If the person who was bitten was an EMS instead of a police officer, would that change your opinion on the matter?

    • reply to“Why should police not be called for medical emergencies? “

      Because they’re not medical professionals! That’s why! Similar reason as to why we don’t call a plumber when our electricity goes out, or why we don’t take our children to the Arby’s drive through for their vaccines!

    • reply toheld to the same moral and legal standards?? so then we all must end “qualified immunity” right? so we are all equal in the eyes of the law…glad you agree

    • reply to“so then we all must end “qualified immunity” right?”

      Precisely. While we are at it, privatize the police. Then we can be one step closer to a libertarian society.

      “Because they’re not medical professionals!”

      So long as they act in accordance with moral/legal/ethical standards and are held accountable for injustices, I do not see a problem with them being called to assist with health cases. Your example of not calling plumbers when we have electrical issues is a false equivalency. Whereas, there are many cases when during construction projects, plumbers might be on hand to deal with electrical issues, to make sure it does not interfere with the plumbing side of the project. While the plumber(cop) may not be required, their assistance and knowledge may be very necessary. Having the officer present seems like a case of “prepare for the worst. Hope for the best”.

      Additionally, if a person was suffering a mental health episode and someone asked you for assistance in restraining them, would you refuse to help? Assuming you are not a licensed mental health professional, the answer would and should still be yes. Mental patients are often a danger to themselves and others. We should all help each other out. If your job happens to require you to wear a gun and badge, it shouldn’t disqualify you from being able to assist.

    • reply toI genuinely have no rebuttal to such an incredibly articulate and eloquent treatise such as yours. Thank you for adding your thought provoking response. I look forward to your future contributions.

    • reply toEMS is trained for this. notice how thy stayed away from her teeth while doing there job. the POS blue lies mafia criminal got into the bite zone and got bit! he should have stepped back and let the “PROFESSIONALS” do there job!

    • reply toClarify me if I’m wrong:
      Cops are criminal/untrained = should never be involved
      EMS are professional/trained = should be involved

      What about paramedics in Colorado who give Ketamine that kills suspects? Does that make all paramedics a big POS Mafia? Are you suggesting we should judge them individually, but not cops, because fuck cops?

  2. I can’t believe he tried to justify punching someone while they are strapped to a gurney for medical care. Must be trying to compensate for a “little” something. Obviously a wimp.

  3. For me, a bite illicits an involuntary defense response(a punch). His initial punch is totally normal and to be expected from any reasonable person. The follow up punches are the only actions that warrant further evaluation. It appears she was still attached to his pants at the point of the second punch. I would hope most people would not punch when clothing is being bitten. That said, you have to consider the heightened state that the initial bite is going to put a person in. This is normal and reasonable. “Totality of the circumstances” comes to mind. His actions lasted roughly 1.5 seconds. He did not have enough time to analyze the situation. He acted as any other reasonable human would have.

    I will say it again: When you are bitten, it can cause more trauma if you pull away rather than try to get the person to stop biting. This holds true for dog bites, shark bites, alligator, or any device that clamps. When you shut a door on your hand, you try opening the door before you try to pull out the hand in order to prevent further trauma.

  4. I was looking very closely at this frame by frame.
    At the time of him punching her I could see a lot of skin of hers. How could her mouth be off to the side biting him when there’s a lot of facial skin showing as straight upwards. Watch it slowly folks as he punches. It doesn’t appear her head is sideways towards his leg. Either way standing over a woman who is tied to a gurney and punching her repeatedly in the face is the act of a coward or a wife beater. One or the other.

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