Woman’s Description of Cop Shooting that Killed her Boyfriend Contradicts Police


Once again, cops in this country killed a man after claiming to be in the direct path of an oncoming vehicle.

And once again, it appears as if they are lying.

The latest incident took place last week in Illinois after Waukegan police officers attempted to investigate “a suspicious vehicle” parked in front of a residential home.

Inside the car were the residents of the home; Tafara Williams, 20, sitting in the drivers seat’s, and her boyfriend, Marcellis Stinnette, 19, in the passenger seat. The couple had just placed their 7-month-old baby to bed and stepped outside so she could smoke a cigarette.

Police say when the officer approached the car from behind, Williams placed the car in reverse, making the cop fear for his life which is when he opened fire, killing Stinnette and wounding Williams.

But Williams said they were the ones in fear for their lives when the cop began taunting her boyfriend whom he claimed to recognize from jail. She also said her boyfriend was still alive after they placed a white sheet over him.

Waukegan police have fired the officer for “multiple policy violations” but have not released his name nor any bodycam or dashcam camera footage which is being reviewed by Illinois State Police. Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham said the video will be released before Thursday which is the deadline for the Freedom of Information Act request under state law, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Williams is being represented by attorney Ben Crump who recorded her describing the incident from her hospital bed which you can see in the above video.

Williams says they were sitting in their car in front of their home when a cop pulled up behind them and stepped out of the car with his hand on his gun, addressing her boyfriend by name whom he claimed to recognize from jail. She said she rolled down all the windows and turned on the lights inside the car to show they had no weapons.

She said she drove away slowly because she was afraid and the cop made no attempt to follow them.

“I asked the officer if I was free to leave, I asked if I was under arrest,” she says from her hospital bed.

But she says the cop did not respond, instead stepping back a few steps and getting on his phone to make a call.

“I drove away very slowly because I was afraid to get out of the car.”

But she says another officer confronted them a few blocks away which is when the shooting took place.

“There was a crash and I lost control,” she says. “The officer was shooting at us. The car ended up slamming into a building. I kept screaming ‘I don’t have a gun!’ But he kept shooting. He told me to get out of the car.

“I had my hands up and I couldn’t move because I had been shot. Marcellis had his hands up. I kept asking him, ‘why? why he was shooting.”

“Marcellis kept shaking. More officers came and were pointing their guns at us. My blood was gushing out of my body.

“I could hear Marcellis still breathing. I  told them ‘please don’t shoot. I have a baby. We have a baby.  We don’t want to die.’”

She said the cops dragged her away and covered Stinnette with a blanket while he was still breathing.

“They laid Marcellis on the ground and covered him up with a blanket while he was still breathing. I know he was still alive. They wanted us to bleed out on the ground.”


    • @stk33 Are you saying it was justified because they dared to insult his ego?

      When are people going to realize that giving egotistical creeps guns and badges just makes them more likely to kill people?

    • @stk33 you need to read more carefully and possibly do some more research to get your facts straight. The officer they drove away from wasn’t the one who shot them.

      Nor would it have been legal for him to do so. He was standing at the passenger side door when the car pulled away from the curb (and thus the officer) and drove off. The first officer was thus not in any danger.

      As to the officer who actually shot them… he supposedly didn’t turn on his body cam until after the shooting. He has already been fired and the FBI is investigating.

  1. Just another blue lie. They’ll say just about anything so the body cams can pick up what they said so they’ll yell… Don’t grab my gun! If you’re hearing that then your ass needs to on another planet cuz you’re going down. Trigger happy mf’ers. Every single one of them. I don’t EVER believe a cop… Kinda like a drug addict… How do you know they’re lying? Their lips are moving…. Same damn thing with a cop. They’d arrest their own Mama’s… especially if they dared to not comply with others in a nano-second.

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