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Carlos Miller

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Editor-in-Chief Carlos Miller spent a decade covering the cop beat for various newspapers in the Southwest before returning to his hometown Miami and launching Photography is Not a Crime aka PINAC News in 2007. He also published a book, The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which is available on Amazon.

WATCH: Texas Cop Shoots Teen in Car Falsely Claiming he had Evaded him the Night before

A Texas cop was convinced that a car he spotted in a McDonald's parking lot Sunday evening was the same car that had evaded...

Former Texas Deputy Fired for Beating Inmate just Fired from New Job as Costumed Pig in Theme Park for Body Slamming Teen

A former sheriff's deputy in Texas who lost his job for abusing an inmate was fired from his new job as a costumed pig...

Kansas Cops Refuse to Release Bodycam Footage of Shooting Death, Claiming it would be an “Invasion of Personal Privacy” for Cops

Topeka police shot and killed Christopher Kelley in June as he was suffering a mental crisis, claiming the 38-year-old Marine veteran came charging towards...

WATCH: Texas Cop Acquitted in Shooting Death of Jonathan Price who was Unarmed

Wolfe City police officer Shaun Lucas was acquitted in the shooting death of Jonathan Price, who was unarmed.

California Deputy who Killed Couple is one of Dozens of Deputies who Failed Psychology Evaluation

Alameda County sheriff's deputy Devin Williams Jr. remains incarcerated in the Santa Rita Jail on double murder charges.

WATCH: Colorado Cops Release Video Showing Train Strike Patrol Car with Handcuffed Woman inside

Yareli Rios-Gonzalez, 20, survived the crash but suffered multiple broken ribs and a fractured sternum.

WATCH: Chicago Cops Charged with Felonies after Video Contradicts their Lies in Shooting of Unarmed Man

Chicago police initially claimed they opened fire on a group of men standing on a sidewalk after one of the men started shooting at...

Colorado Woman Hospitalized after Cops Place her in Patrol Car which is then Struck by Freight Train

Colorado cops pulled a 20-year-old woman over Friday and placed her in the back of a patrol car before a freight train slammed into...

WATCH: Colorado Man is Killed by Deputies after Calling them for Help

Christian Glass sounded very paranoid when he called a 911 dispatcher in June, asking her to send sheriff's deputies to help him after he...

WATCH: Washington Cop Suspended after Posting Video Bragging she is above the Law

A Washington police officer with less than a year on the job posted a video to Tik Tok bragging she is above the law...

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