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Carlos Miller

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Editor-in-Chief Carlos Miller spent a decade covering the cop beat for various newspapers in the Southwest before returning to his hometown Miami and launching Photography is Not a Crime aka PINAC News in 2007. He also published a book, The Citizen Journalist's Photography Handbook, which is available on Amazon.

An open letter to Wackenhut Chairman and CEO Gary A. Sanders

On May 1st, 2007, a Wackenhut security guard violated my First Amendment rights by denying me the right to take photos from the platform...

So maybe I am an “arrogant prick”

But I've been known to let things slide, including copyright violations of my photos by a certain blogger who probably wouldn't be stuck in...

“Then I was arrested and beat up by police Tuesday after photographing them against their wishes”

That is how I titled the first thread I posted on Democratic Underground two days after I had been released from jail. I posted...


I am a Miami-based writer, reporter, photojournalist and videographer who operates Magic City Media (the website is going through a dramatic redesign, so please...

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